Made with Allpress freshly roasted  beans

Black Coffee    
Espresso (short or long)     $3.50

Touch of Milk    
Macciato (short or long)     $4.00

White Coffee  
Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino     $4.50

Mocha     $5.00

Bottomless filter - rotating single origin     $6.00



Aromatic and warming

Fine & Dandy (All served for one)
English breakfast     $4.00
Earl Grey     $4.00
Green & rose     $4.50
Peppermint     $4.50

Noble & Savage (All served for one)
Vanilla cacao - Rooibos Tisane     $5.00
Maple walnut - Rooibos Tisane     $5.00
Orange sky - Rooibos Tisane     $5.00
Chamomile - Herbal     $5.00
Vanilla sencha - Green Tisane     $5.00
Strawberry plum - Fruit Blend     $5.00
Ginger lemoncello - Herbal Blend     $5.00
Imperial Sencha     $5.00



Hot choccy     $4.50
Hakanoa spiced chai latte     $5.00
Organic matcha latte     $6.50



Takeaway (Size dependent)    $.50 / $1 / $1.50
Almond milk     $1.00
Extra shot     $1.00
Coconut     $1.00



Healthy fruity & bubbly options

Glass of Homegrown - OJ      $5.00

Almighty - Apple      $5.00

Almighty - Guava lime & basil      $5.00      

All Good & Sparkling     $4.50
Blackcurrant, blood orange or red grapefruit 

Brod Kvas Glass    $6.50

Born & Raised Kombucha (Glass/Bottle)      $6.50/$8.50
(ask staff for flavours)

Fentiman’s ginger beer     $5.00

Antipodes    $5.00

Green Roots juices    all $7.50
(cold pressed, raw & organic) 250ml

Sun Rising - Carrot, Tangelo, Turmeric Root, Apple, Ginger

The Cosmos - Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger

Awaken - Tangelo, Apple, Lemon, Beetroot

Berry Aid - Raspberry, Apple, Lemon, Beetroot,  Acai Berry Powder



Cold & refreshing beverages

Iced chocolate     $9.00
Iced coffee     $9.00

Dairy free iced chocolate – equagold      $9.00
chocolate,  coconut milk and vanilla Nice Cream     

Salted Caramel Milkshake - Dates, Vanilla,    $9.00
Nice Cream, almond milk and sea salt

Spinach, lime, ginger, pineapple,mango & ice      $9.00

Banana, almond milk, blueberries,     $9.50
peanut butter & cinnamon    
Mixed berries, banana, acai & coconut milk     $9.50

Mango, banana, ginger, tumeric,     $9.50
medjool dates, coconut milk

Banana, almond butter, cacao,     $9.50
medjool dates, almond milk


Milks available: Organic Blue, Almond & Coconut





Croucher Low Rider $7  330ml bottle
Beer Baroness Bottle/Tap (ask staff for options) 


Zeffer Apple Crumble can $8.50



Prosecco $10
Mimosa $10
Bloody Mary $13


Circuit Chardonnay
North Canterbury $11 glass $49 bottle

A spring straw, light green hue. Aromas of grapefruit, apricot, lemon zest, hazelnut and subtle struck match. The pallet has a fine river stone minerality that carries flavours of blood orange, brioche, nectarine and sandalwood.

Circuit Pinot Noir
North Canterbury $11 glass $49 bottle

Deep ruby hue. Fragrant aromas of rich forest fruit and raspberry with sandalwood, spice, and freshly tilled earth. Cozy and inviting the supple berry fruits flow across the palate and are met with a supportive underlying earthy tannin. A fresh chalky finish, with a complex and lingering finish

Circuit Skins Pinot Gris
North Canterbury $11 glass $49 bottle

Handpicked pinot gris from a 30 year old vineyard on the side of a volcano. Fermented on skins for 7 months. Orange, crunchy and delicious