An amazing selection to keep to satisfied for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch


Toast with seasonal jam and butter  $9.00


Honey maple roasted muesli, saffron poached pear, seasonal fruit,
guava syrup, “Coyo” coconut milk yoghurt  $14.50


Coconut chia seed pudding, strawberries, pistachios, toasted coconut, crushed orange,
pineapple, lemon verbena raspberry sauce  $16.00


Ricotta blue berry hotcake, caramelised banana, toasted nuts,
seasonal berries, ricotta vanilla cream  $22.00


Steel cut oat porridge, poached organic apple, rhubarb, banana,
cardamom custard, chocolate caramel crumble  $15.50


Eggs your way with toast and tomato relish  $10.50


Chilli scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms, house smoked lemon ricotta,
sourdough toast  $21.50


Baked beans, chorizo, smoked tomato chilli sauce, poached eggs lime crema,
Turkish bread  $20.00



Roasted carrot salad, various beets, red Russian kale, poached eggs,
goats cheese cream, radish, multigrain toast  $22.00


House hot smoked salmon, sugar snap peas, crumbed egg, Asian greens,
roast peanuts, coconut tamarind caramel  $25.00



Little Pom's Benny, smoked bacon, cheddar buttermilk biscuits, avocado, charred corn,
coriander, poached eggs, smoked jalapeño lime hollandaise  $25.00



Grilled buffalo milk haloumi, smashed peas, avocado, brocolini, sugar snaps,
smoked almonds, poached eggs, multigrain, extra virgin olive oil  $25.00


Pulled Chinese beef brisket, pickled vegetables, spring onions,
kimchi mayo, brioche roll  $22.00


Bowl of fries with tomato relish and mayo $8.50




Tasty accompaniments in addition to any meal

Toast $2.00
Bacon $5.00
Potato rosti $3.00
Avocado $3.50
Seasonal greens $5.00



v = vegetarian

v = vegetarian